Bucket List

  1. Go skydiving.
  2. Play paint ball.
  3. Be a part of the Tomatina festival.
  4. Meet a celebrity.
  5. Own at least one pair of Jimmy Choos.
  6. Own at least one pair of Louboutins.
  7. Own a Channel handbag.
  8. Own a Michael Kors bag.
  9. Own a Burberry trench coat.
  10. Own a pair of Beats.
  11. Eat snails.
  12. Do sheesha/hookah once. (One puff with my Dad’s permission. It was a waste of time.)
  13. Smoke once.(A waste of time and money. I regret that one time. The smell and taste are horrible too.)
  14. Kiss in the rain.
  15. Tie-dye something.
  16. Slow dance to La Vie En Rose.
  17. Slow dance to Stand By Me.
  18. Finish one or more books by Keri Smith (Wreck This Journal, This Is Not A Book, etc.)
  19. Sell a painting.
  20. Cook a big meal.
  21. Eat at The Cheesecake Factory.
  22. Eat at Nobu.
  23. Eat at iHop.
  24. Visit every continent except Antarctica. 
  25. Get a tattoo.
  26. Get a piercing apart from my first ear piercings.
  27. Paint a wall. 
  28. Get a job.
  29. Get married.
  30. Have children.
  31. Volunteer at a soup kitchen.
  32. Dine at Burj Al Arab.
  33. Pay for education of poor kids in India.
  34. Fail a subject.
  35. Ace a subject.
  36. Own a Macbook.
  37. Own an iPod.
  38. Own a red Vespa.
  39. Make a Tumblr Theme.
  40. Own a pet.
  41. Celebrate NYE at Times Square in NYC.
  42. Dine at Burj Al Arab.
  43. Dine at Atmosphere in Burj Khalifa.
  44. Eat a churro.
  45. Eat a Twinky.
  46. Bake a birthday cake.
  47. Attend a Rocky Horror Show.
  48. Dye my hair a cool colour.
  49. Go scuba diving.
  50. Float in the Dead Sea.
  51. Solve a Rubik’s cube.
  52. Find a four leaf clover.
  53. Make homemade pizza, including the dough.
  54. Wear a bikini.
  55. Try vegemite.
  56. Try blue cheese.
  57. Be a part of the audience during F1.
  58. Be a part of the audience during the Olympics.
  59. Go to Wild Wadi.
  60. Go to Yas Waterworld.
  61. Go to Aquaventure at Atlantis, Dubai.
  62. Go to Canada’s Wonderland.
  63. Go to Disney World.
  64. Go to Universal Studios Theme Park.
  65. Go to Las Vegas.
  66. Go to Malaysia.
  67. Go to Australia.
  68. Go to Mauritius.
  69. Go to New York. 
  70. Go to Rajasthan.
  71. Go to Bahamas.
  72. Go to Hawaii.
  73. Go to Germany.
  74. Go to Venice.
  75. Go to Paris.
  76. Learn a new language.
  77. Be in a hot air balloon.
  78. Win an award.
  79. Sing in an open mic.
  80. Do nail art.
  81. Learn a musical instrument.
  82. Make a GIF.
  83. Learn some origami.
  84. Attempt to Double Dutch.
  85. Make a world record.
  86. Make a snowman.
  87. Have a snowball fight.
  88. Learn to thread eyebrows.
  89. Go for a concert.
  90. Learn to skateboard.
  91. Float in the Dead Sea.
  92. Solve a Rubik’s cube.
  93. Go for a safari in Africa.
  94. Ride a Segway.
  95. Kiss in the rain.
  96. Be a bridesmaid.
  97. Witness a solar/lunar eclipse.
  98. Go in a submarine.
  99. Buy a house.
  100. Buy a car.
  101. Fly a kite.
  102. Attend Vidcon/ Playlist Live/ ComicCon.
  103. Hug a Panda.
  104. Hug a Koala.
  105. Walk in heels like a pro.
  106. Take photos at a photobooth.
  107. Own at least 5 pairs of heels.
  108. Have a personal library.
  109. Hold a snake.
  110. Hold a spider.
  111. Hold an insect.
  112. Hold a lizard.
  113. Hold a bird.
  114. Read a banned book.
  115. Get a degree.
  116. Learn to say ‘thank you’ in 10 languages.
  117. Go for acupuncture.
  118. Wear fake eyelashes.
  119. Have my palm read.


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